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Happy New Years!

That is the most common phrase I have heard since the 1st of January 2019…

“Happy new year’s”

Quickly followed up with “what’s your new years’ resolution?”

That got me thinking how did new year’s resolutions start?

For those of you who are interested in the origins here’s the wiki link

Why do people make them?

After reading this it made me realise that not only do we not know where customs originate from, but we also don’t realise how many customs have religious ties….

And are we setting ourselves up for failure?

Personally I have always made resolutions be it for personal or professional reasons and every year I eventually waiver and then give up.

Why is this?

Why don’t we stick to these resolutions? Is it the word? Is it too much pressure to think of one or are we just conditioned to thinking 365 days of opportunities only begin on the 1st of January and if you happened to make a resolution on the 5th of January you would have only 360 opportunities left?

When reading the last line I realise just how ridiculous it sounds. You allow yourself as many or as little opportunities to make a fresh start as your mind can imagine.

Rewind to August 2018, my husband and I decided to take our daughter to the park on a gorgeous autumn afternoon. As toddlers do she ran around faster than I could turn, which meant the both of us running after her continuously.

We weren’t out of breath but we were uncomfortable. That evening we sat in bed chatting about changing our lifestyle. Our daughter is so young and we could not remain this unfit. Also my daughter regularly prefers to eat off my husband’s plate. What type of example are we setting if we do not eat healthy food?

From that moment I changed my mind-set.

As well as changed my eating habits.

And made a personal commitment to walk at least 5000 steps a day.

And I have maintained it, sure awesome food occasions like Weddings, Diwali and Christmas have come along and we have indulged as any human would. But on the overall I have become more alive, more fit and lost a good few kilos.

Thing is my resolution to change came about because my health is important to my daughter having her parent with her alive and healthy. She is my motivation for most things in life.

Which made me realise the key to me keeping to my goals and resolutions is not a date on the calendar, it’s the core reason you wish to change something in your life.

And whatever it is that you wish to change, if you keep the reason you wish to change it in the front of your mind you will succeed.

Your success does not need to be measured in kilos or achievements, your success should be measured with how you feel inside, does reaching that milestone or goal bring you joy?

If the answer to that is yes then you have already succeeded in 2019.

Happy new year everybody!

PS While reading up on new years resolutions i came across the following blogs i thought were worth the read


2 thoughts on “Happy New Years!”

  1. Some interesting links. Thank you for sharing.
    You are absolutely right – we can start whenever we can, and the motivation for change is key. I’m happy to see you want to do better for your daughter. Good job! Keep at it.


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